Admission Procedure

Admission Management

Classes.   The Army Goodwill School, Raghavan, T-Suntwari will conduct classes from Nursery to Class VIII.  The minimum fee i.e Rs 140 for nursery and Rs 180/- for the classes first to eight classes. 

Admission Fees.    Due to below poverty line of families residing in the Machhal Sector, No addmission fee to be charged from any student.

Fee Collection.    The tution fees will be collected quarterly in advance in March, June and September. 

Late Fee.   A late fee of Rs 5/- will be required to be deposited for the first 15 days.  Thereafter the same of the student will be struck off from the school records.

Readmission.       Students will be re-admitted only on payment of full dues together with re-admission fee as applicable.

Syllabus.     The syllabus for various classes will be as per that of Jammu&Kashmir Board of Education.